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Brewing your face!

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So Brewfest is here, the quests are quite fun.

Honestly this is my first year doing brewfest, I never understood why it was such a popular “thing”. However, I have done as much as I can possibly could with the limited time I have had lately. I do find it to be my favorite … um … (why can I not think of the word for this thing)… O right lol …. my favorite WoW holiday (thats the word, you know that really common word that anyone with 20 plus IQ should be able to remember) … yeah.

Anyways… there are a million guides etc for brewfest, thats NOT what I am here for. I would suggest that you take some time out to do the quests, get some neat stuff, and go to Blackrock for Coren Direbrew.

Not only for the limited time that he will be available (Sept 20 – Oct 4) BUT a drop, not only a drop but;

  1. a recently added item
  2. a BOE drop
  3. a one handed weapon
  4. a 2.6 speed weapon
  5. with AP/crit/agi/haste
  6. Oh and I forgot to mention that it looks like a freaking mug…!!
A ****ing Mug!

A ****ing Mug!

Tankard O’ Terror

Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.

The Tankard o’ Terror now drops from Coren Direbrew during the Brewfest event as intended

Ok I may be hyping this a little too much possibly. But, considering that this is a daily boss, and you have multiple (5) attempts per party. This should be an easy weapon to somehow obtain, either through a purchase or a drop.

Plus it is one hand, and dual wielding mugs would make you a BAMF!

On another note, consider your a RP type of guy, or like to plan ahead you could just get these, and save them for your dwarf shaman when Cata arrives (since they are BoE)

(I know with race/faction changes that would be kinda useless, plus Dwarf hunters can dual wield these already. BUT shamans are all that really matters.)

Float Life a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee.


That First Melee Raid

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Considering the fact that I had never had a max level character until WOTLK, my first raid was Naxxramas 10 man. I am just going to go over some of the clumsy mistakes I made that first time, ways I improved after wards, and things I could have done differently the first time.

When I had leveled my first toon (a mage), I ran basically every dungeon possible so I was very familiar with what I needed to do as a mage in a dungeon. Now with my shaman, I had finally realized how much time it really takes to get a group together, so I rarely ran dungeons. Occasionally if I got a whisper asking, I would run one. Unfortunately as a shaman 95% of the whispers you will get is to ask you to heal (fyi I actually healed my way through too many dungeons).

So the day I turned 80, my guild was running 10 man naxx. Luckily I had farmed enough Knights of the Ebon blade for a decent offhand Unholy Persuader, and I had received a run through of H:COS, and was even lucky enough to have it drop my first run Greed.

I am in a 10 man raid with other people geared enough for 10 maly, and I am sitting on one epic and some green quest rewards. Needless to say I had studied enhancement in raids (thanks to EJ).

I keep forgetting to stand behind the bosses, luckily there were tons of other melee to remind me that I was standing in the wrong spot (when i was all alone). I always had chosen gear with more agil/crit/hit/ap than stam so here I am dying on almost every boss. I also (sadly and in hindsight regretfully) hadn’t studied a single fight so these guys are explaining each fight to me for 5 minutes, for me to unfortunately die anyways.

You see I learn visually, like Heigan, the RL explained multiple times something about green walls and they would kill me. Literally as soon as the first wall hits, I am at 20% health. Ok so that wasn’t a good job, but what just happened? I thought I was right next to everyone else *shrugs* ok here we go SS, ES, LL, o I got a 5 stack, LB, SS *DEAD*

So… I had about 7 minutes (had poor dps in my guild) to study the flooring in Heigans room, and I came to the conclusion that his tiles were imported from SWEDEN.

I had hit this raid without even being special hit capped, no exp, and not even close to spell hit capped. Mind you, I had told the RL to only take me if NO ONE else from the guild could go. I did however pull off an average of 2200 dps, and a maximum of 3100.

I do remember enjoying one thing. I was the only shaman in this raid, I was (at that moment) the only regularly raiding shaman. So I can not count on one hand how many times 3 or 4 people would be down and with 30-40% of the raid bosses health, I would get a Battle Res just to bloodlust (sometimes living long enough to dps more).

I found out some interesting information. I find it much easier to gear up a Resto shaman than an Enh shaman. Generally because the only other people rolling on your shields are Ele’s/Pallys, and your gear would be another mail caster (Ele), really only sharing; tokens, weapons, trinkets, rings.

Our guild used the basic ROLL system (main before off) and I still recieved more ups for Resto than Enh.


I had to learn to drop totems with better timing, according to the boss.
Using Feral Spirits to achieve optimal uptime, as well as optimal “buffs”.
Using the 5 stack of MW…. IMMEDIATELY. When I leveled obviously some things are closer to dying than its worth, so Id save it for a CL on the next mob.
Remembering to reapply Lightning Shield in the “downtime” of my rotation. This is much easier when you first begin raiding, since you may be oom more often (apply water shield if SR is on CD) or your hit is so low you receive less MW stacks.
Sadly enough amongst all the commotion I forgot to keep my weapons enchanted.
Truly being a hybrid, learning to use my MW to heal if needed, learning to drop WOA if I was the only melee, or hell even dropping FT if there was no other shaman/ele.
And just generally understanding the timing of the bosses to maximize dps

Float Life a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee.

Weiner Punching

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–Editorial Note– Click pictures if you have trouble seeing the detail (larger versions will appear(magicly))

So here I am, on my wonderful bank alt; Beetotems (of course he had to be a shaman) standing in the Orgrimmar Auction House minding my own business. Not only am I minding my own business but I am hoping everyone else is minding there own business.

I begin with my dance moves.

Its Hammer Time!

It's Hammer Time!

Followed with something I like to call “Spitting some game”.

Those Orc Females really get me.

Those Orc Females really get me.

Things got steamy (what can I say), it has to be the muscles I’m sure of it.

This is incriminating evidence.

This is incriminating evidence.

And then this guy had to interrupt the entire process, however, I got a tip.

People just love me.

People just love me.

Alright really what happened (sadly) is as you can see in this last picture, some goof was spamming the /say with “1 gold” or some crap. So I said what I said, someone found it hilarious so he gave me 5g.

So … I took the money immediately before he could change his mind.

Then, embarrassingly enough, I spent all this time making up this perverted story.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.

Enhancement Leveling Talents

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Guess posted on BigHitBox.

Here I just want to go over some of the things that I personally think a leveling enhancement shaman should look at.
First and foremost I am a very strong believer in the fact that people should do what they want to, especially when leveling. Questing and leveling are, by far and away, the most “solo” aspect of WoW (in my opinion anyways), and for this reason do whatever you would like.

Leveling Spec

This is the way I would do things, feel free to tweak as YOU see fit
The Bee Spec My choice of leveling glyphs as well


10-14 — Enhancing Totems 3/3 ** Earth’s Grasp 2/2
15-16 — Imp. Ghost Wolf 2/2
17-21 — Thundering Strikes 5/5
22-25 — Shamanistic Focus 1/1 ** Anticipation 3/3
26-30 — Flurry 5/5
31-35 — Toughness 5/5
36-39 — Spirit Weapons 1/1 ** Mental Dexterity 3/3
40-41 — Dual Wield 1/1 ** Stormstrike 1/1
42-44 — Dual Wield Spec. 3/3
45-47 — Lava Lash 1/1 ** Imp. SS 2/2 *** Its only one point but at this point u could go respec and drop any mana conserving talents like Shamanistic Focus.
48-50 — Unleashed Rage 3/3
51-54 — Shamanistic Rage 1/1 ** Mental Quickness 3/3
55-59 — Maelstrom Weapon 5/5
60 — Feral Spirit 1/1
61-69 — Imp. Shields 3/3 ** Elemental Weapons 3/3 ** Weapon Mastery 3/3
70-74 — Concussion 5/5
75-80 — Elemental Devestation 3/3 ** Elemental Warding 3/3

Now you are level 80, please respec


I am going to list from the top of the tree down, I am going to then give importance of each (Must have, Important, Filler, Optional, Useless)
Enhancing Totems – Optional/Important – Increases SOE our most used totem. Obviously more and more useful the higher rank totem.
Earth’s Grasp – Optional/Important – Makes two very useful totems even more useful. I personally like this talents because survivability is key when leveling and I can not count how many times I had to pull the old escape manuever (Drop Stoneclaw, instant ghost wolf until Stoneclaw dies, drop Earthbind, instant ghost wolf). Basically surviving tons of things.
Ancestral Knowledge – Filler/Useless – I personally dont like this talent, however if you like to quest without dropping totems this would be more beneficial than Enhancing Totems.
Guardian Totems – Useless – even for pvp this talent is extremely useful, however for grouding spells it does have its place. For leveling I do not suggest this talent.
Thundering Strikes – Must Have – Take this talent for many reasons (regardless of spec). A constant 5% crit in the second tier of a talent tree is very nice, plus its the predecessor to Flurry (also an important talent)
Imp. Ghost Wolf – Important – I highly suggest putting your first point in at lvl 15 and your second point in at lvl 16 since Ghost Wolf is learned at that point. This talent gives you an instant 40% speed buff, that CAN be used in combat (also immediately gives the player full weapon skill, and allows melee; so for an enh shammy you can melee nicely in this form).
Imp. Shields – Important – Regardless of whether you are OOM, or full on mana; any shaman should have a shield up, and increasing the damage done or the mana restored is incredible for leveling.
Elemental Weapons – Filler/Useful – This one is hard since WF weapon is not learned until lvl 30, however once that is acquired I do like this talent.
Shamanistic Focus – Important – I would suggest taking this talent as soon as possible when you are leveling, however once you acquire Imp. SS, it is a wasted talent.
Anticipation – Important – I like this for leveling, I personally do not mind grinding, I shoot for survivability. Also ENH shamans are the squishiest melee, this improves on that slightly.
Flurry – Important/Must Have – Shamans will always use slow weapons for multiple spells/abilities, this greatly increases the speed of our slower weapons.
Toughness – Important – 10% stam. increase is great for leveling and staying alive, a dead player can not kill NPCs or finish quests.
Imp Windfury Totem – Filler – Nice, I agree, a 4% melee haste is nice for our slow weapons, however at this point in the tree there are more important talents we want to get to ASAP.
Spirit Weapons – Must have – The fact that you can now parry is incredible, reducing threat is nice for raids/dungeons, but its the predecessor to DW (If you don’t know yet, this talent is awesome).
Mental Dexterity – Important/Must Have – Clearly a very important talent for shamans (since we have few talents that “convert” other stats(like rogues/hunters/pallys)).
Unleashed Rage – Must Have – The expertise buff that this got in patch 3.1 was incredible and made it mandatory, before then it was a raid buff.
Weapon Mastery – Important – Nice regardless of level.
Frozen Power – Useless – A PvP talent, could be useful when facing humanoids, or for people wanting to just toy around with the game…
Dual Wield Spec. – Must Have – Unbelievably great for leveling, the amount of hit it takes to make up for 6% is well worth this talent.
Dual Wield – Must Have – Again Dual Wielding is going to blow your dps up quite a bit.
Stormstrike – Must have – The first specific melee ability we recieve.
I just realized that this ^^ tier of the enhancement tree is awesome 😛
Static Shock – Filler/Useful – Nice to increase orbs, however our shields require nothing more than a GCD (just refresh your shield after each fight) so I suggest saving these talents until you are actually NOT getting hit (dungeons and raids)
Lava Lash – Must Have – Not as nice as stormstrike, however useful for leveling/damage.
Imp. SS– Must Have/Important – There are some raid specs that do not require this, however for leveling you do not want to toy around with your mana, staying at 100% mana as much as possible is ideal. Mana per talent point is best spent here.
Mental Quickness – Important – Shamans rely more on spellpower than any other melee, DKs a close second. This helps in that area.
Shamanistic Rage – Important – Before patch 3.1 this was our mana regen, now can be used more as an “O SHIT” button.

I have this keybound, and macroed

I have this keybound, and macroed

Earthen Power – Useless – Another PvP talent, I can not think of a leveling situation where this would be worth the two points.
Maelstrom Weapon – Must Have – Man I hate spelling maelstrom. If a cast time clips a melee swing, then that swing starts all over, with this talent we can now cast all of the spells listed in the tool tip without having to stop melee (obviously there needs to be 5 stacks).
Feral Spirit – Must Have – Honestly one of the coolest 51 point talents, this “pet” has multiple useful abilities; a stun, a dash/pvp trinket, the ability to tank/taunt, and most importantly their healing is absurd.

Other Trees

I WILL not analyze each talent here, I will however look at interesting ones.
Concussion – Important – Obviously increases damage, at this point mana should be ABSOLUTELY no issue.
Elemental Devestation – Must Have – This talent is in the ele tree for enh. No questions take this if u dip into ele.
Elemental Warding – Filler/Useful – Damage reduction is great for little downtime.
Elemental Fury – Filler/Useful – Enh actually uses more fire totems than ele (because of Totem of Wrath).
Reverberation – Filler/Useful – For leveling not as useful, for raiding/pvp its great.
Call of Flame – Filler/Useful – Aside from the fire totem buff, leveling I actually found a place for Lava Burst just for the fun factor.
Totemic Focus – Filler/Useful – When leveling you only wanna drop totems if you will be able to reach approximately 3 or more opponents with those totems, however it is still nice to save a little mana (basically a filler to reach this next talent).
Imp. Reincarnation – Filler/Useful – I personally dont like to bank on the fact that I may die, I like to focus on NOT dying, however having a free 40 min self-res, with a fair amount of health/mana is nice.


I actually only have one notable glyph for leveling others are really common sense.
Glyph of Ghost Wolf – It is very minimal but regardless, this is a minor glyph. I honestly spent a fair amount in GW form, even in northrend, and a passive 1% health regen is cute.
My link up top has all majors and minors I would pick (while leveling)


If you had not heard, Dwarfs can be shamans as well in the Xpac. There is news on totem updates.

It would be awfully silly to see Dwarven Shaman lugging those big ol’ Draenei totems around, wouldn’t it?

You’ll see what we have up our sleeves for Shaman in the expansion. Wink After all, I think Tauren are getting tired of sharing theirs, too.

The dwarf totem (still in beta stage)

The dwarf totem (still in beta stage)

Float Life a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee.

The Butterfly’s and the Bee’s Part 2

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Guess posted on BigHitBox

So we had previously left off with my WoW career right as I had gotten hooked.


My first “main” was a mage, it was really all I played. Leveled him all the way to lvl 62 (back when 70 was the cap). I mean the first and still primary “glass cannon”. Enough CC to almost never be touched, but if enemy’s breach that security there is enough BURST to burn them down. However, if not done quickly enough death will arrive shortly.
Mind you this was my first toon ever, so here I am leveling all my professions (secondary and primary), running EVERY single dungeon that I can (sometimes multiple times), and just wasting tons of time taking forever to level. The whole time I think I am going as fast as I can.
Needless to say I was moving, and incredibly broke. I took my longest break from WoW, approximately 6-7 months.


I have always had a minor draw to the warrior class, I mean we operate on rage, possess the ability to withstand massive amounts of damage, while still dishing a fair amount ourselves, and basically the class that can translate to real life the simplest.
Regardless of when I played I have had an alt warrior, mostly protection, I have recently found the greatness that is Arms.


The healing class that has always drawn my most interest, I mean it is/was the original ultimate healer. Can even heal after death (holy), and it has two healing trees.
I could never level one just because levels 1-20 are super slow if you are soloing, Smite just uses too much mana per damage. I have recently put A LOT of effort into my priest alt, and is now happily lvl 60.

My shadow priest, with my venomhide in Gadgetzan

My shadow priest, with my venomhide in Gadgetzan


I honestly can not figure out why I decided to level a shaman instead of my mage. Whatever it was I am extremely happy with my decision. I loved the totems when I leveled, I loved the enhancement tree, I loved my instant ghost wolf, and I just happen to on the up and coming when enhancement shamans were nothing.
As stoney has stated, you could not find any information on Enh, Windfury crits was the first blog I had ever found. So I enjoyed joining PuGs, and being able to show up most every other hybrid and even some pure dps.
I have since hitting 80 started to heal (because part of me just enjoys keeping people alive). I will always be a main set enhance. I have always thought ele is too much like other casters, and that enhancement is one of a kind, I am sure every other enhancer out there agrees.

My shaman leveling near Area 52, and some hunters pet bugged out.

My shaman leveling near Area 52, and some hunters pet bugged out.


I never raided until WOTLK, the guild that I was in (led by the guy that got me started in WoW) at this time had no regularly raiding shamans. So not only am I wanted because I am good dps,but my totems are needed as well as my raid buffs (Bloodlust, Unleashed Rage, Windfury Totem (20% melee haste). I specced Imp Wind because we had no DKs, and i specced UR even when it was a 5 point talent with no expertise, because even then it was a great raid buff. I began to heal quite frequently because dead dps=no dps.
This is one of my few (only) screenshots of a proud moment where I had finally beaten a very skilled rogue. (OS 25+0)

Os 25(+0) final dps

Os 25(+0) final dps

My life

I will just do a short synopsis of my life, more than likely I will do a more long winded post eventually.
First child.
My dad originally hated me due to the fact that he had never “loved” my mother, however his parents had divorced when he was young so he vowed to marry her and have all his children with one woman.
Three other siblings.
I would grow to have a brother first, and two sisters later. Ironically we are all 3 years apart.

My 3 other siblings as well as my uncle

My 3 other siblings as well as my uncle

This sport was the greatest sport ever created. I love to play it, watch it, and make love with it. Also Brian Dawkins is in my opinion the best Safety to ever play the game, honestly though he is definitely top 5.
High School
I attended West Forsyth High School, grew up in that area as well.
I am married (June 21st 2009), I have a two year old son named Carson, and I am attending college for Information Technology

Me, Carson, and Kathryn (my wife)

Me, Carson, and Kathryn (my wife)

Yet again this is really really long, and I feel like I am cutting some things short, it is just so hard for me to talk about myself and not just spew my guts…

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask I will answer

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


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Guess posted on BigHitBox

I know that stoney has already written a summary of Cataclysmic changes, I’m not trying to steal his thunder. As he has stated I am just here to put my spin on things.

Basically what I am trying to say is that stoney is like Dr. Dre, you know he comes in and puts the best possible spin on things, and just does a great job. And I am like … like … Keven Federline (sp?) where I come in and just hack it up for comedic pleasure. 😛

Regardless, I am putting my thoughts on shamanism, enhancement and other small details about the next Xpac


**Shamans (Elemental) looks like “turrets” in PvP for the moment, the idea is to make totems funnier in the future (“put a totem down and something cool happens”) but not a lot of details for the moment.**

I have heard some ideas that I think would be really neat.
– Throwing totems at a range into the mix of a fight. I like this idea especially for ele, and even resto/enh.
– Targetting a totem and casting something at it to cause some kind of effect. Think like a totem on a cooldown that when targetted with say lightning bolt or chain lightning would actually cause multiple (would really fix some of the aoe issues for enh and even ele). However this would be very difficult and would need some form of tweaking. Also on a resto side note, think along the same lines except possibly say a totem we could place then target with riptide which would in turn place the HoT on a certain amount of targets within a preset range. (I know that I am completely making up random stuff here, just brainstorming.)

**Developers want shaman to be good AE healers and might buff Chain Heal even more.**

I hope they can think of a very shamanisic way to buff it other than just MORE healing and/or MORE range.

**Enhancement Shamans do not use INT anymore and will be given talents to not need it just like Retribution Paladins.**

I think a lot of Enhance are really missing the point here which is…

**Hunters Mana is GONE**

With hunters mana being gone I had wondered what would happen with our gear, considering we are a class that only shares gear with 1 other class, this is really just a way for Blizzard to keep itemization simple.

**Enhancement Shamans having to run in and out of melee ranges to redrop totem and sacrifice DPS is a legitimate problem, they don’t want enhancement to have to run out like that. **

I am not really sure what Enh totems we are having to run out to redrop. The range on all totems have been equalized, and on very few fights are we spaced out enough that this is an issue. I’m on the fence with this post, tell me what you guys think, maybe something I am missing.

Goblins can be shamans

A picture from Blizzards gallery of a goblin shaman

A picture from Blizzards gallery of a goblin shaman

I am not going to list all the racials here just ones that actually affect the playstyle in specific.

**Rocket Barrage – Launches your belt rockets an an enemy, dealing fire damage. 2 min cooldown.
Rocket Jump – Activates your rocket belt to jump forward. 2 min cooldown.**

FYI shared cooldown, so you have to choose between the two every two minutes. Obviously this is nice either way, we can choose to move (say on XT’s light bomb, or out of any big black/blue circles) or to do additional damage (the first ever racial to do DIRECT damage (other than racials that increase damage output or various stats). Think of it like a free burger (sorry I just find that picture to be hilarious for some reason)

**Racial – Time is Money – 1% increased attack and casting speed.**

Great for enhancement, elemental, and restoration (regardless of how you view it). O plus stoney is a haste junky.

Stoneybaby as he melees mobs

Stoneybaby as he melee's mobs

PTR changes

**Totem of Quaking Earth now gives 400 attack power for 18 sec each time you use your Lava Lash ability. (Up from 200 Attack Power)**

I know PTR changes are not current yet, but more than likely this would not be nerfed back, and if so I will let you guys know in a future post.
Otherwise, this is obviously a good buff, I have absolutely no information in front of me but I think this may be near BiS now. Because now you have a constant 400 AP (even considering that lava lash is nearly our last priority, it should be used before the 18 second buff drops.)

The butterfly’s and the bee’s. Part 1

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Guess posted on Big Hit Box as well.

See how I did a play on the old birds and the bees, with my name. (That’s probably a little aggressive for my first post *shrugs*). O I must be very humorous 😉

I am going to try very hard not to turn this into a wall of text.

I will try my best to sum up myself, my gaming career and just let everyone into my mind and soul (please wear a gas mask 😉 …)


Goodness this could go back; forever and always to be honest. To be quite frank I have told myself and many others, I am addicted to games. I love, adore, admire, envy and hate (yes all at the same time) the competition that comes with games.

My gaming history I would say is very very broad. I can appreciate almost any game, generally though I despise luck and/or RNG, preferring to leave the outcome more to skill (Im looking at you UNO). The first games I can remember would be Need for Speed, and the entire Nascar series. My dad is a huge racing fan, he grew up around cars. I still remember the first time I was able to beat him in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

The Madden series was the first game I ever had to teach my dad how to play, it then became his passion to beat me (I would wake, and prepare for school only to find my dad still playing Madden). FYI Madden 98 (Playstation) was the first series I ever owned.

At this point I probably was not addicted.

It all began when (prepare for a really long sentence) a girl that I had a crush on came over to visit and her moms boyfriend that came to pick her up said to my dad (as he saw my dads PS2 nascar setup) “This is little kid stuff you need to see mine at home”.

I’ll be honest if I had to say that in real life, without taking a breath, I would probably have had a seizure.

Nevertheless, to make this story as short as possible. My dad saw how much better the game was on the PC (Sierra/Papyrus made the Nascar on the PC at the time). He then bought two PCs, and I then began to play the Nascar with him, while on the side I started my very own gaming “career”.

Total Annihilation

click for details

I could sing a song, light candles, fill up a warm bubble bath, and rub baby oil; all in the name of this game. I began late into the TA “phenomenon” (obviously this game was great, with all of its rewards, however never really THAT famous). Regardless, I was very skilled in the game, built a “clan” called After Life. Went by the name of Smack/Smackddy/Smack89.

Needless to say this game, for me, was the best RTS game ever created.

Other games

I spent time here and there on

  • Shattered Galaxy
  • Combat Arms
  • Tons of random console games
  • World of Warcraft

    I had always thought WoW was comical and never really comprehended HOW it could be fun. (no thanks to south park and other shows). A guy I knew fairly well talked me into trying out the trial period. The entire time I hated it, by the last day I felt like I had confirmed what I had already thought.

    The game was boring, and monotonous etc.

    *pause for epicness!*
    I had just acquired a high enough level to do RFC, after doing RFC I was basically hooked from there.

    I am fully aware that this really turned into a bigger wall of text than I wanted it to. My next edition will hopefully be much shorter, and I will base it more on myself and how I grew up, outside of games.
    I would enjoy feedback on everyone’s thoughts and/or improvements.

    Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.