The butterfly’s and the bee’s. Part 1

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Guess posted on Big Hit Box as well.

See how I did a play on the old birds and the bees, with my name. (That’s probably a little aggressive for my first post *shrugs*). O I must be very humorous 😉

I am going to try very hard not to turn this into a wall of text.

I will try my best to sum up myself, my gaming career and just let everyone into my mind and soul (please wear a gas mask 😉 …)


Goodness this could go back; forever and always to be honest. To be quite frank I have told myself and many others, I am addicted to games. I love, adore, admire, envy and hate (yes all at the same time) the competition that comes with games.

My gaming history I would say is very very broad. I can appreciate almost any game, generally though I despise luck and/or RNG, preferring to leave the outcome more to skill (Im looking at you UNO). The first games I can remember would be Need for Speed, and the entire Nascar series. My dad is a huge racing fan, he grew up around cars. I still remember the first time I was able to beat him in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

The Madden series was the first game I ever had to teach my dad how to play, it then became his passion to beat me (I would wake, and prepare for school only to find my dad still playing Madden). FYI Madden 98 (Playstation) was the first series I ever owned.

At this point I probably was not addicted.

It all began when (prepare for a really long sentence) a girl that I had a crush on came over to visit and her moms boyfriend that came to pick her up said to my dad (as he saw my dads PS2 nascar setup) “This is little kid stuff you need to see mine at home”.

I’ll be honest if I had to say that in real life, without taking a breath, I would probably have had a seizure.

Nevertheless, to make this story as short as possible. My dad saw how much better the game was on the PC (Sierra/Papyrus made the Nascar on the PC at the time). He then bought two PCs, and I then began to play the Nascar with him, while on the side I started my very own gaming “career”.

Total Annihilation

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I could sing a song, light candles, fill up a warm bubble bath, and rub baby oil; all in the name of this game. I began late into the TA “phenomenon” (obviously this game was great, with all of its rewards, however never really THAT famous). Regardless, I was very skilled in the game, built a “clan” called After Life. Went by the name of Smack/Smackddy/Smack89.

Needless to say this game, for me, was the best RTS game ever created.

Other games

I spent time here and there on

  • Shattered Galaxy
  • Combat Arms
  • Tons of random console games
  • World of Warcraft

    I had always thought WoW was comical and never really comprehended HOW it could be fun. (no thanks to south park and other shows). A guy I knew fairly well talked me into trying out the trial period. The entire time I hated it, by the last day I felt like I had confirmed what I had already thought.

    The game was boring, and monotonous etc.

    *pause for epicness!*
    I had just acquired a high enough level to do RFC, after doing RFC I was basically hooked from there.

    I am fully aware that this really turned into a bigger wall of text than I wanted it to. My next edition will hopefully be much shorter, and I will base it more on myself and how I grew up, outside of games.
    I would enjoy feedback on everyone’s thoughts and/or improvements.

    Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.


    Hello Cataclysm!

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    Welcome to (what for now is being called BB blog) BB blog! This blog will continuously be a work in progress. Especially for the first week or two. Check the About  section to see where this blog will be headed. A biography (of my gaming career) will be incoming.