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Weiner Punching

Posted in Comedic Relief with tags , , , on September 1, 2009 by Butterflybee

–Editorial Note– Click pictures if you have trouble seeing the detail (larger versions will appear(magicly))

So here I am, on my wonderful bank alt; Beetotems (of course he had to be a shaman) standing in the Orgrimmar Auction House minding my own business. Not only am I minding my own business but I am hoping everyone else is minding there own business.

I begin with my dance moves.

Its Hammer Time!

It's Hammer Time!

Followed with something I like to call “Spitting some game”.

Those Orc Females really get me.

Those Orc Females really get me.

Things got steamy (what can I say), it has to be the muscles I’m sure of it.

This is incriminating evidence.

This is incriminating evidence.

And then this guy had to interrupt the entire process, however, I got a tip.

People just love me.

People just love me.

Alright really what happened (sadly) is as you can see in this last picture, some goof was spamming the /say with “1 gold” or some crap. So I said what I said, someone found it hilarious so he gave me 5g.

So … I took the money immediately before he could change his mind.

Then, embarrassingly enough, I spent all this time making up this perverted story.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.