The Butterfly’s and the Bee’s Part 2

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So we had previously left off with my WoW career right as I had gotten hooked.


My first “main” was a mage, it was really all I played. Leveled him all the way to lvl 62 (back when 70 was the cap). I mean the first and still primary “glass cannon”. Enough CC to almost never be touched, but if enemy’s breach that security there is enough BURST to burn them down. However, if not done quickly enough death will arrive shortly.
Mind you this was my first toon ever, so here I am leveling all my professions (secondary and primary), running EVERY single dungeon that I can (sometimes multiple times), and just wasting tons of time taking forever to level. The whole time I think I am going as fast as I can.
Needless to say I was moving, and incredibly broke. I took my longest break from WoW, approximately 6-7 months.


I have always had a minor draw to the warrior class, I mean we operate on rage, possess the ability to withstand massive amounts of damage, while still dishing a fair amount ourselves, and basically the class that can translate to real life the simplest.
Regardless of when I played I have had an alt warrior, mostly protection, I have recently found the greatness that is Arms.


The healing class that has always drawn my most interest, I mean it is/was the original ultimate healer. Can even heal after death (holy), and it has two healing trees.
I could never level one just because levels 1-20 are super slow if you are soloing, Smite just uses too much mana per damage. I have recently put A LOT of effort into my priest alt, and is now happily lvl 60.

My shadow priest, with my venomhide in Gadgetzan

My shadow priest, with my venomhide in Gadgetzan


I honestly can not figure out why I decided to level a shaman instead of my mage. Whatever it was I am extremely happy with my decision. I loved the totems when I leveled, I loved the enhancement tree, I loved my instant ghost wolf, and I just happen to on the up and coming when enhancement shamans were nothing.
As stoney has stated, you could not find any information on Enh, Windfury crits was the first blog I had ever found. So I enjoyed joining PuGs, and being able to show up most every other hybrid and even some pure dps.
I have since hitting 80 started to heal (because part of me just enjoys keeping people alive). I will always be a main set enhance. I have always thought ele is too much like other casters, and that enhancement is one of a kind, I am sure every other enhancer out there agrees.

My shaman leveling near Area 52, and some hunters pet bugged out.

My shaman leveling near Area 52, and some hunters pet bugged out.


I never raided until WOTLK, the guild that I was in (led by the guy that got me started in WoW) at this time had no regularly raiding shamans. So not only am I wanted because I am good dps,but my totems are needed as well as my raid buffs (Bloodlust, Unleashed Rage, Windfury Totem (20% melee haste). I specced Imp Wind because we had no DKs, and i specced UR even when it was a 5 point talent with no expertise, because even then it was a great raid buff. I began to heal quite frequently because dead dps=no dps.
This is one of my few (only) screenshots of a proud moment where I had finally beaten a very skilled rogue. (OS 25+0)

Os 25(+0) final dps

Os 25(+0) final dps

My life

I will just do a short synopsis of my life, more than likely I will do a more long winded post eventually.
First child.
My dad originally hated me due to the fact that he had never “loved” my mother, however his parents had divorced when he was young so he vowed to marry her and have all his children with one woman.
Three other siblings.
I would grow to have a brother first, and two sisters later. Ironically we are all 3 years apart.

My 3 other siblings as well as my uncle

My 3 other siblings as well as my uncle

This sport was the greatest sport ever created. I love to play it, watch it, and make love with it. Also Brian Dawkins is in my opinion the best Safety to ever play the game, honestly though he is definitely top 5.
High School
I attended West Forsyth High School, grew up in that area as well.
I am married (June 21st 2009), I have a two year old son named Carson, and I am attending college for Information Technology

Me, Carson, and Kathryn (my wife)

Me, Carson, and Kathryn (my wife)

Yet again this is really really long, and I feel like I am cutting some things short, it is just so hard for me to talk about myself and not just spew my guts…

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask I will answer

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


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