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I know that stoney has already written a summary of Cataclysmic changes, I’m not trying to steal his thunder. As he has stated I am just here to put my spin on things.

Basically what I am trying to say is that stoney is like Dr. Dre, you know he comes in and puts the best possible spin on things, and just does a great job. And I am like … like … Keven Federline (sp?) where I come in and just hack it up for comedic pleasure. 😛

Regardless, I am putting my thoughts on shamanism, enhancement and other small details about the next Xpac


**Shamans (Elemental) looks like “turrets” in PvP for the moment, the idea is to make totems funnier in the future (“put a totem down and something cool happens”) but not a lot of details for the moment.**

I have heard some ideas that I think would be really neat.
– Throwing totems at a range into the mix of a fight. I like this idea especially for ele, and even resto/enh.
– Targetting a totem and casting something at it to cause some kind of effect. Think like a totem on a cooldown that when targetted with say lightning bolt or chain lightning would actually cause multiple (would really fix some of the aoe issues for enh and even ele). However this would be very difficult and would need some form of tweaking. Also on a resto side note, think along the same lines except possibly say a totem we could place then target with riptide which would in turn place the HoT on a certain amount of targets within a preset range. (I know that I am completely making up random stuff here, just brainstorming.)

**Developers want shaman to be good AE healers and might buff Chain Heal even more.**

I hope they can think of a very shamanisic way to buff it other than just MORE healing and/or MORE range.

**Enhancement Shamans do not use INT anymore and will be given talents to not need it just like Retribution Paladins.**

I think a lot of Enhance are really missing the point here which is…

**Hunters Mana is GONE**

With hunters mana being gone I had wondered what would happen with our gear, considering we are a class that only shares gear with 1 other class, this is really just a way for Blizzard to keep itemization simple.

**Enhancement Shamans having to run in and out of melee ranges to redrop totem and sacrifice DPS is a legitimate problem, they don’t want enhancement to have to run out like that. **

I am not really sure what Enh totems we are having to run out to redrop. The range on all totems have been equalized, and on very few fights are we spaced out enough that this is an issue. I’m on the fence with this post, tell me what you guys think, maybe something I am missing.

Goblins can be shamans

A picture from Blizzards gallery of a goblin shaman

A picture from Blizzards gallery of a goblin shaman

I am not going to list all the racials here just ones that actually affect the playstyle in specific.

**Rocket Barrage – Launches your belt rockets an an enemy, dealing fire damage. 2 min cooldown.
Rocket Jump – Activates your rocket belt to jump forward. 2 min cooldown.**

FYI shared cooldown, so you have to choose between the two every two minutes. Obviously this is nice either way, we can choose to move (say on XT’s light bomb, or out of any big black/blue circles) or to do additional damage (the first ever racial to do DIRECT damage (other than racials that increase damage output or various stats). Think of it like a free burger (sorry I just find that picture to be hilarious for some reason)

**Racial – Time is Money – 1% increased attack and casting speed.**

Great for enhancement, elemental, and restoration (regardless of how you view it). O plus stoney is a haste junky.

Stoneybaby as he melees mobs

Stoneybaby as he melee's mobs

PTR changes

**Totem of Quaking Earth now gives 400 attack power for 18 sec each time you use your Lava Lash ability. (Up from 200 Attack Power)**

I know PTR changes are not current yet, but more than likely this would not be nerfed back, and if so I will let you guys know in a future post.
Otherwise, this is obviously a good buff, I have absolutely no information in front of me but I think this may be near BiS now. Because now you have a constant 400 AP (even considering that lava lash is nearly our last priority, it should be used before the 18 second buff drops.)


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